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Monday, October 27 2014

Automotive Part Function Inside Your Car

Most people have cars, however not all people know the parts that available inside their car and each automotive part function. The car itself is actually very complex that consists of many systems inside it. Some of more modern cars even have computerized car system which difficult for most people without technician skill. This is why when you have problems with your car; it might be difficult to know which system on the car has the problem. That is why it is important to gain more knowledge about your car to know which problem you had.


There are many key systems, which run the automotive, some of them even available inside the car since first creation.

Car engine system parts

Engine is the system which powers the car, usually the car uses combustion type which motorized using gasoline, the engine itself consist of many parts:

  1. Cylinder head: this part is available on the top part of car engine. It usually made from aluminum alloy or iron. Inside you would find
    1. Valve: this part is available inside the cylinder head that used to control how many air and fuel which released into the piston inside the combustion stroke chamber. Another valve then use to release the burned gas and fuel from inside the piston then helps to release the emission which you often seen out from the car tail pipe.
    2. Spark plug: this tool is used to spark the mixture of air and fuel.
  2. Crankcase: this part is available on the bottom part of car engine. Inside you would find car cylinder.
    1. Piston: available inside car cylinder which used to draw in air and fuel. It will move downwards when doing so.
    2. Flywheel: it used momentum of piston to bring the piston upwards. With this the piston would move in downwards and upwards motions regularly.
    3. Carburetor: one that will mix the air and fuel drawn in by the piston.
    4. Throttle: it is used to control how much the air and fuel is mixed. If the throttle is all the way open then the mixture would be the richest
  3. Lubricant: when your engine runs it would need some lubricant this automotive part function so there would not be too much friction, which could speed the damage of the engine. It consists of oil lubricant that will run to the cylinder, crankshaft and the piston in each movement that they do.
  4. Cooling feature: when your engine running, it will create heat, which will damage or burn your engine. This is why cooling feature is necessary so your engine temperature could be cold down.
    1. Radiator: this part is the one that will do the cooling feature; inside there would be anti freeze that would cold down the whole machine by moving inside the hose and compartments of the engine.
    2. Fan: the part is also attached to the radiator that runs to produce cold air to cool down the engine.

Car drive line system parts

This automotive part function line is consisted of a system, which will move the car forward and backward by using motion that produced inside the car engine system. The transmission system could be manual or automatic depends of the type of your car, it will use a metal gear, which will go to the speed that suitable with the power of your car. It will be affected by the speed limit of your car, the road surface slope and your car weight.

  1. Crankshaft: this part is the rod made from iron, aluminum, or steel, which you see, connected to the piston on the bottom part of the car engine. When the piston is moving in upwards and downwards motion, then the crankshaft will convert it to the turning motion.
  2. Transmission gear: this gear will transmit the turning motion of the crankshaft to your car wheel.

Car Electrical system part

This system is used to power on the whole car by using the energy of the car battery as the ignition. It will act like a generator which taken the energy from the engine energy. The only part inside this system is the battery.


The battery is used to turn on the starter of the machine that then starts the whole engine. It will start the crankshaft to move and in the same time it also starts the start plug so it will ignite the piston movement.

Beside the engine, battery automotive part function also used to start the function other things inside your car such as headlight power, turning signals, safety sensors and many others. By using the battery then it will ensure the run of those feature even though there is other parts that does not function well. This is why when you have only small function inside your car that does not work; you need to first check the battery.

Car wheel system part

Wheel is important part of car, which used as the part where the car met with the roads. This simple structure is the one that will make your car smoothly move from one place to another.

  1. Tire: the outermost part of the wheel that is made from rubber. This tire is used to give support in cushioning the car weight so it would be the barrier to limit the car from touching directly to the road.
  2. Rim: it is the middle of wheel that covered with tire around it. Usually made from strong steel to support the car weight.
  3. Hub:  it is the innermost part of the wheel, which connected to the axle which connect two wheels on one another.
  4. Brake: it is used to slow down or stop the wheel movement.

This automotive part function is the one that will be used by the driver to get information about their car and to gain control over it. It consists of many display that represent different parts of the car from the speed to the light indicator.

Friday, October 24 2014

The Peugeot 308 cc Review: Now Comes With the New and Dynamic Appearance

Immediately after gaining a great car selling around the world for the queue of Peugeot 308 families, this company continues its innovation by means of manufacturing the Peugeot 308 cc. The Peugeot 308 cc has been considered as the rich-featured vehicle, which is available in 3 distinct selections namely SW, CC and Saloon types. The Peugeot 308 cc is absolutely the great breakthrough with the compact-convertible market this means you will be the strong rival for the Volkswagen Golf and the Renault Meganne CC.


Inside the cabin, Peugeot 308 cc comes with some added flairs over the hatchback door. You will also recognize that this car has been recently added with chrome rotary air vents soft hint plastics, white dials as well as the up-market switches. There will be also the range-leading GT trim that has been included with leather-based that actually lifts the actual atmosphere of its vacation cabin. There is a remarkable fact that the cottage will relatively free on the wind buffeting even on motorway cruising speeds. You will also get the elegant 4 seats carried out with the integral head vices along with the chance of full leather trim for the fascia panel and in numerous shades that may share a touring car photograph. The new Peugeot 308 CC also sports activities the automatic dual-zoom air conditioning along while using the high-quality audio and also telemetric system. 



Generally, the Peugeot 308 cc comes using the great physical appearance particularly when we look this car or truck from the front. Just about the most notable features of this particular new Peugeot 308 closed circuit will be the electrically powered metal flip-style roof. This surely is able to provide all-weather safety as well as provides improved refinement over constipated soft tops. You notice this car particularly functions the roof stowed. In contrast, all of the designs include been well equipped because of the manufacturer for example the particular alloy wheels and stainless trim as being the typical equipment. 


The actual Peugeot 308 cc comes equipped with the particular e-HDi micro-a mix of both technology as well equally improved fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions. To gain the great overall performance, this car is powered by the 1.6L e-HDI FA P 112 BHP Euro 5 machines. This can be in addition to either a manual gearbox or an electronically handled gearbox based on the patron wishes.


Safety Features

The buyer will be also provided several safety features including the six airbags, kid seat mounts, and traction force control and pop-upward roll hoops which will be probably activated whenever the result occurs.


The Peugeot 308 CC incorporates the selling price of around $ 18000 – 36000. With this specific price range, consumer will be presented some benefits including outstanding overall design, innovative electronic-HDi micro-hybrid notion and also the progressive folding metal roof. There will be approximately downsides such as it's not actually easy-handled being a sports car and likewise the cramped rear seating which may cause your inconvenient for the travellers.

Toyota FT 86 Review – The Aggressive and High Performance Sport Car

The well-known Japanese Auto Company, Toyota, remains its innovation by making another sport car namely Toyota FT 86 which will be made available for the worldwide marketplace. Right before its official release, the pictures and also the features of this coupe have been actually leaked on the internet. As a matter of fact, this vehicle is the part of Celica line and also the twin brother of Subaru BRZ. This great-looking car will be around in high-spec style and also the minimal-spec model. So, let’s have a glance at below general specifications associated with Toyota FT 86 substantial-spec model for your individual reference.



This is really a 4-seat car or truck that will also provide you with the sporty look in its interior. Inside of this specific car, there will are the air conditioner with auto climate control, half a dozen speakers, leather steering controls, gray instrument panel, activity aluminum pedals, front as well as rear curtain bags, natural leather heated seats, racy suitable container seats, foldable rear seats for 2 passengers plus it will provide the automobile Stability Control as well as the smart entry and start features. 


Based around the leaked information and photos on the internet, the look of Toyota FT is actually inspired from the classic Corolla sport car. The entire body has been built with the great chassis making it of high quality metal materials. This vehicle occurs with the aerodynamic body type that will provide a greater handling and the simple cutting through the air flow at the same occasion. Furthermore, the front Put headlamps have the puss-looking design that helps make the car looks very intense and sporty as well.  The car contains the dimensions of 4240 millimeter in length, 1775 millimeters in width, 1285 height and approximately 1230 kilogram in weight.


This coupe is basically going to utilize the rear controls drive system. The automobile is powered by both the.0-liter engine (Flat4) of horizontal boxer 4 DOHC system with the overall capacity regarding 1998 cc and will certainly generate up to 190 hp (147 kW) from 7000 rpm and 205 Nm of torsion at 6600 rpm. The actual engine will consist regarding 6-speed manual or even automatic transmissions optionally which has been equipped with the D4-S engineering. This has the 60 liters/13.2 km of fuel capacity all of which will consume 12.4 kilometer/liter. By utilizing this particular engine, the car can accelerate from 0-100 km/hours in merely 7 seconds and it's got the maximum speed of approximately 225 km/hours.


Price Range

There are rumors which Toyota FT 86 should come with the introductory price associated with approximately USD 20.000-25.000.


Toyota FT 86 happens to be a promising and revolutionary sports car from the company. This can be the next strong rival for other sport autos out there as it will bring the fantastic power without reducing the automobile’s efficiency. It has additionally been considered to become the most popular and high-selling vehicle right after it can be acquired for the market. 

Wednesday, October 22 2014

2015 Lexus RC F GT3: Best Race Car from Lexus

2015 Lexus RC F GT3 becomes new race car from Lexus that you must know it. All people can find so many race cars in this world but not all race cars are made with perfection. Lexus tries to create best car that will make all people love with this car. Some people have already known about this car from some sources and from Geneva Motor Show 2014. Lexus has already given description about this car and for all of you who want to know more about this race car you better read all information here. There will be some changes and better features of this race car and all people will love to see the new changes in this car. This car is predicted will be used for racing in the beginning of 2015 season. It is closer and you better know detail information about this car first. In this modern time, we are easy to find best car from some auto manufacturers. We can find coupe car, sedan car, SUV, sport car and super car and of course we can race car too. We can know better about all cars that offered to us when we visit Auto Show. There are some auto shows that you can visit such as Geneva auto show, New York Auto Show, Beijing Auto Show and some other events.

2015 Lexus RC F GT3 Design

Before we check the main part or engine of 2015 Lexus RC F GT3, we need to know the design of this car first. This car looks incredible and this car is made with very good design not only in the exterior of this car but we can see the perfection inside of this car too. There are some of best qualities of racing components that we can find in this new race car. There is massive rear wing. You can find better bumper in front part of this car and new bumper is made with new modification too. The additional of vented hood is made in perfect shape and design for this car. This car is called as best race car because it is made with better racing wheels and it is the true racer for all types of road. How about the interior of this car then?


The interior of this car is made to give comfort for the driver. All racers must feel comfortable inside this car so they can win the racing competition. All things are made in perfect way and you can control all things in easy way from your car only. The leather seat will make you feel comfortable when you drive this car. You can adjust the seat too as you like so you never need to worry with seat quality of seat comfort. The cabin is quiet so you never need to worry and you can drive this car in very good way. After you check more things about interior and exterior of this car, now, you need to know the best engine system that is added to this car by Lexus. You need to check the powerful engine system that will make all competitors of this car think that your car is the best race car in the world. There are some high technology features that will be added to this car so you can get all things and control all things in very fast and easy way.

2015 Lexus RC F GT3 Engine System

When we talk about race car then we must talk about engine system that is used in this car. This race car will use better engine system to produce bigger power and better performance. This new 2015 Lexus RC F GT3 will be made with 5.0L with V8 engine system. This engine system can improve the aerodynamic system of this car so you can increase speed and power in fast time. By using this engine system you can produce 540 HP and also 383 lb ft. You can reach your first 60 mph only with 4.5 seconds and your top speed with this car is 168 mph. This car is not only made with aggressive look but it has aggressive performance too. You can also find other type of engine system 5.3 L with V10 engine system. This engine system will produce bigger power and it is great power for you too. There is no clear information about transmission that will be added to this car but the transmission that is used must be suitable for race car. We don’t know about drivetrain system of this race car too.


How about the competitor of this car? We can compare this powerful race car with some other cars such as Aston Martin Vantage GT3, Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 R and also Porsche 911 GT3. You can check the specification in each of race cars and then choose one that is suitable with your need and your taste too. You can see the real car in Geneva Auto Show and you will fall in love with this car after you see the interior, exterior and of course the performance of this car too. Lexus gives you detail information about this car in the official site of Lexus. You who really want to know more about this car such as length, weight, and dimensions of this car can check the site now. Most people also talk about standard safety system that will be added to this car. As race car, this car will be made with better safety systems to protect the driver and passenger too. You never need to worry to drive this car because you can reduce risk when you drive this car with high technology safety system. 

How about fuel economy system in this car? Most people want to drive best race car that can save the fuel too. Lexus tries to make it comes true. There is better fuel economy in this car so you can drive this car in all types of road and save more fuel too. If you still want to know more about 2015 Lexus RC F GT3 and the release date of 2015 Mazda CX9, you can check the official site of Lexus now.